How does going to the bathroom work?

This is a popular question received from my devoted followers (Trish and my sister). You know, I have a whole post poised for a different blog set up by the Brooklyn posse dealing with topics such as these, but I will state here for the record: I am on board with the squatty potty. It just seems more efficient and earth-friendly. I will leave it at that for now.

I am not saying those Japanese toilet seats that heat up and play music aren’t still intriguing to me. And it would have been a tragedy to never have had the experience of hearing my brother singing his self-penned ode entitled, “I’m Sitting Here On My Throne” from behind the closed bathroom door, but I am at home with the current system. As my village cohort reasoned, “The only drawback is that it is not conducive to reading". 

Update! Upon entering my new home at permanent site, I was disappointed to find a western-style toilet and a shower as I was really growing to love the one-stop shopping. 

The toilet is in a separate room from the place to bathe/shower. This gets confusing when I need to wash my hands as toilet paper is still not used, so I have to go to two separate rooms. This also makes me question how often people are just peeing in the shower. Maybe at some point over the next two years, I will hit that comfortable place where it will be appropriate to ask.