What food am I eating?
We all know that fried = delicious. That pretty much sums it up and, hopefully, will explain why I will be 50 lbs heavier when I return home. 

My host mom generally cooks for all of the meals early in the morning, and then we eat that for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We keep the food on the counter under a plastic cover like this: 

Usually, I eat with a tablespoon, or sometimes with my hands (right hand only). Some folks eat with a fork and a spoon, but a knife is usually not used.  

Rice is eaten at every meal, and Indonesians think it is crazy when you tell them that isn't the case everywhere. If there is no rice, it is considered a snack, even if you ate an entire chicken. It is also not odd to eat both rice and noodles in one meal. They love carbo-loading.

And, don’t fret. They do, indeed, have chocolate milk here.

My favorites - Ikan Wader (these suckers are so fried, so you just eat the whole fish, head and all!) and Tempe Goreng
Tempe Goreng, Ikan Wader, Ikan Tuna, Sop Jemur
Breakfast - Ikan Patin, Dendeng Sapi, Sambil dan Udang
Peyek Udang, Ikan Lele, Sop, Sambal 
My sister with es cencao - sweet drink with chunky bits of something

Picnic lunch at the beach. No plates needed.

Rujak Manis - Indonesian fruit and veggie salad complete with spicy sauce

Bakso - boiled meatballs. Obama's favorite Indonesian food and my least.

Fruit!!! I never thought I could enjoy it so. 

Salak - my favorite! Looks like snakeskin and tastes like sweet heaven

Jambu - a little furry inside, but it makes a nice juice
Bali orange - tastes like a cross between an orange and a grapefruit

Nangka or jack fruit - tastes like hubba bubba bubble gum

Yellow watermelon - juicy and delicious
We did it! Durian - my swearing in gift from the Beji fam bought off the back of a truck. I am now officially one of those weird people who likes the smell of durian. Enak!