Village Life

What is my village like?

I had asked some of the PC Indo 1 guys what most surprised them when they came to Indonesia, and I think Noel responded that she was really surprised how big and dense a village can be. 

There were about 2000 people in my PST village. In 10 weeks, I still had not walked every street of it. Every time I turned a corner, it seemed impossible that there could be a whole other development of houses, but then there they were! There were fields and farms, but somehow I would consider it more urban than rural. And it can’t really be considered suburban by American standards. I don’t know. 

Here are some pics of my village: 


Here are some pics from my PST village:

Kids chasing me on the street behind my house

Stopping for a pic

John's house where we had Indonesian class 

My fav posse at our English camp

My street

Kids from the elementary school on break

Walking to school


Posyandu next door - Mothers bring their kids to measure weight, height and get vaccinations.

Outside of a nursery school

A parade of some sort on my run

Jay's next door neighbor

Running by the soccer field during gym

Delivering krupuk

Drying rice in the sun

On family walk near our house

One of our neighborhood amusement parks

The local alun-alun. It is magical.