Friday, February 18, 2011

What's a girl to do?

I have been confronted with some serious problems lately.

#1 - My brother Michael's favorite band, the Whites Stripes, announced they are officially broken up.
#2 - Manhattan-bound F trains have ceased running from my stop -  not to resume until 2012.
#3 - My friend Powers decided to wed his lovely girlfriend Christina on the exact same day my chums Burns and Denali are getting hitched. 
And #4 - one of my greatest fears - it has been announced that my favorite bar housing my favorite Jerry Orbach look-alike will be closing its doors.

When presented with such quandaries, what's a girl to do? I came to the one obvious conclusion: I am moving to Indonesia.

Yes, indeedy. The official invite from Peace Corps is in. I celebrated by walking two blocks to the neighborhood Indonesian restaurant, had some kare ayam, and chatted up WeWin and Seeti - the two ladies who will rue the day they said I could stop by anytime to learn bahasa Indonesia.

So until the departure date of April 5th, I will be stalking them, chilling with the lovely people of New York City and Wappingers Falls, and embarking on the epic search for the Indonesian equivalent of Menudo to accelerate my language learning.

Stay tuned for how a modern American girl makes her way in a world without iCarly, yoo-hoo, or toilet paper.

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