Tuesday, April 5, 2011

"Be sure to put a bit of wool in the peephole."

This was the advice my dad's cousin gave me in her Irish brogue when my brother, sister, and I visited her in San Francisco this past weekend. I dutifully catalogued this along with the many other pieces of advice provided to me. I figure I will need it all as I have no idea what will come my way, so -  bit of wool...check!

This figurative filing cabinet lies directly beside another one filled with common questions people asked me prior to departure. I will try to construct a FAQ page in the upcoming weeks as these questions are very valid, and inquiring minds do want to know. I will answer a couple of my favorites here, though:

  • "Do you carry a gun?" No. While I did enjoy my time at the Chelsea firing range and turned out to be quite a shot, I am quite happy that Peace Corps is sincerely committed to promoting peace and understanding between cultures sans any arms. This is the whole point. Besides, I have way too much respect for our armed forces to attempt to get into that game. I think it is best for us all if I stick with the teaching.
  • "Does this mean you will become some sort of hippie?" Hmm. If it means I get to take in live, outdoor concerts and eat at Ben & Jerry's regularly upon my return, then my answer to this is a resounding, "Yes".
31 volunteers completed staging today in San Fran. We fly to Hong Kong tomorrow for a quick 14-hour flight and then onto Surabaya, Indonesia on Thursday. I sure am glad I packed that travel Connect 4. "Pretty sneaky, Sis."

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  1. And you're off! I'm so proud. Enjoy those first few days.