Thursday, April 7, 2011

Jogging in a sweater vest

The two months preceding this venture were, hands down, the most bizarre of my life. I tried to pack interactions with countless people into a ridiculously concentrated period of time. I ran around wrapping up work and checking off tasks needed to move my life around the world. Through all of this, I was concerned about getting carried away in the hubbub and forgetting what I was actually going to be doing. I was afraid of getting too caught up in the wedding and losing focus on the marriage. In the end, I was able to savor the time and concluded that having so many wonderful people to see and checking off items like "file for tax refund" or "purchase the favorite backpack of your life" are pretty wonderful problems to have.

Last night, we arrived in Hong Kong. A group of us ventured out to see the skyline in the short amount of time we had, and the view was pretty spectacular. This morning, I went for a run through the parks and along the water. I passed many congenial HKers exercising in the parks, including the aforementioned man jogging in the sweater vest and khakis. HK feels like an in-between world. Most people speak English, there are lots of white people walking around like they own the place, and I can get my hands on a nice chocolate milk. However, I can still completely misunderstand the sign on how to get to the Skyview, a large group of PCVs can prompt a city native to immediately steer toward a different car far from us on the Metro, and there are squat toilets in the public restrooms. It has been a nice segue.  

So far, there are 30 volunteers from all over the continental US whose travels span 5 continents (as far as I have learned so far). Today, we fly to Surabaya and stay for 3 nights. We will finally be in Indonesia.

Let the marriage begin.

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