Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Search is Over…

One of the things that would lift my spirits on down days was to check the search keywords that people used to reach my blog. As this blog will come to a close soon, here is a list of some of my favorites over the past two years for you to enjoy: 

  • leah remini facts of life  (of the interesting search hits, this was the most popular) 
  • horn implants in head
  • dolly parton nude
  • weird people
  • old American girl
  • f bomb bikes
  • african american girl with bubble wrap
  • vietnamese gang
  • girls machete blood
  • peeing in the shower
  • ralph machauo sack of suds (preserved original spelling from search)
  • granny fanny
  • alyssa milano facts of life
  • deep please 1
  • terrible rash pregnancy
  • nun's habit/muslim
  • mum motorcycle
  • badminton headband men
I can only hope I brought a little bit of unexpected joy to the person searching for information on an "old American girl". If so, my work here is done. 

Here is a picture of our baby, Nia (my host sister's baby, actually) just because she is super cute, and no pictures fit this theme.

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